CONSERVAS EL VALLE, S.L. is a family business dedicated to the manufacture of tinned vegetables. It is located in the Region of Murcia (Spain). 

It is also known by its trade name La Rueda.


-Fried Tomato in homemade style.

-Fried Vegetables (Pisto).

-Fried Tomato with Pepper.

-Fried Onion.

Our tinned food are mostly used as stuffing for small pastries produced by artisan's bakery shops and factories. Depending on particular places and preferencies, pastries may be stuffed with Fried Tomato, fried Vegetables, fried Tomato with Pepper or fried Onions.


Our tinned food are not only used as stuffing for pastries. It is also used by pubs and restaurants to cook their dishes, garnish, sauces for meat, fish, pizzas and Mediterranean style food in general.


We also produce Sweet Pumpkin stuffing for cakes and pies produced by artisan's bakery shops and factories. It is very used for Christmas and Easter cakes and sweets.